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Private Tuition




We offer private tutoring on a one-to-one basis or small groups in the following languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • English as a foreign language
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • For German, please contact Angelika Davey at:

From school-children preparing for their GCSE and A level examinations, adults wishing to enhance their career opportunities or simply for pleasure or business people looking to get an edge over their competitors in international markets, all our classes are bespoke and tailored to the client’s individual needs.

We help students prepare for the “International English Language Testing System” (IELTS) and for the “IoLET Level 2 Certificate in Languages for Business” (CLB).

Additionally, we provide bespoke language testing services to assess the speaking, listening, writing levels and language skills of job applicants or employees.

Lessons may take place at the student’s house or company or at the tutor’s own premises to suit the client’s requirements.
We also provide lessons by Skype.




About Karine (French teacher & Director)

 Colonel J. Coote, Commander at British Army HQ South West:

“Karine has instructed me one-to-one for several months. She is an excellent teacher, taking the time to develop areas of weakness. She prepares lessons well, delivers a structured and varied lesson and follows up with vocabulary notes to ensure personal development. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Mr Tan Hussain, Devizes:

“Excellent tutor who helped my son no end. Would certainly recommend with no hesitation.”

David & Ingrid Maher-Roberts, Bradford on Avon: 

"We are really happy with how well Karine has connected to our daughter and giving her the help and confidence she needs to maximise her potential in French. Highly recommended!"

Lt Jessica Simpson, Language Lead at  Tidworth Army Educational Centre:                   

Karine has a very good reputation at 10 AEC for her excellent teaching. Students always make positive remarks about her commitment to their learning and her management of mixed ability classes. She has formed constructive friendships with other language tutors to encourage best practice and she is always developing her teaching methods to appeal to different learning styles. She is very dependable and she always comes to the centre with a positive attitude. Students comment that her tuition is valuable and has brought them on leaps and bounds. Karine really cares about her students. She is hugely empathetic and understands how to manage individuals who fear learning languages. She also couples this with professionalism and competence. I always know that when I have her teaching on a course it will run smoothly because she is not just a fantastic teacher but she also understands her students’ needs. Overall, Karine has been a brilliant addition to the language programme at 10AEC.

British Army officers having completed an intensive French language course with Karine:

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Karine for your wonderful teaching which made this week a pleasure.”

"I would like to say a huge thank you!  I really really enjoyed the course and you are an amazing teacher!”  

"Thank you for all your help with the course. You're a great teacher”

"Thank you for everything this week - I really enjoyed the sessions & your teaching.”

“A great week of the “le français”. Thanks Karine for all the help”.

“Karine is an excellent tutor in every way. I’ve learnt a lot and the tutor has made it so interesting. Thank you.” 

“Karine is very passionate about her subject and teaches in an excellent manner with good explanations and kept everyone involved and definitely demonstrates flexibility”.

 “Excellent tutor management of mixed ability group. Very high morale in the class. Very useful homework and feedback. Excellent handouts. Very punctual.”

 “Karine was a wonderful teacher and worked hard to prepare us well for the exams. Huge thanks to her!”

 “Facilitative learning. Good use of analogies. Feedback given throughout. Open to discussion from any points. Good relationship with AEC staff. Very smart presentation.”

 “I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching me French, it really means a lot”.

Jan Keddy, Allocate Software:

“Your support really helped me get back on track with French and I am definitely much more confident in speaking it following our classes.”

Marian Little, Steeple Ashton:

I have been having lessons with Karine since September 2015 and have enjoyed our sessions immensely. Karine is warm, friendly, professional and being French, ensures her student learns to speak French with the correct pronunciation. She also has a wealth of knowledge about France itself, which adds to the interest and experience of learning a new language. I highly recommend her.”

John Baxevanidis, Business Manager of Offshore Oil & Gas Division at EXSTO:

"EXSTO chose Karine’s Language Services company to provide me with French language training. I found Karine to be a very engaging teacher. The classes were enjoyable and very efficient. She continuously tailored the content and pace around my needs and level of comprehension. I found them of great value in acquiring a good level of understanding of the language, but also French culture as a whole. Karine as a teacher is very pleasant, which made learning more fun. 

I have since moved to France and I am reaping the benefits of my training. 

I would recommend Karine’s language services without hesitation.”

Bryony Hussey, Client Manager at Professional Languages Solutions:

“We would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into teaching for PLS on the MOD contract and, often, designing high quality training materials. You have shown great professionalism, flexibility and commitment. Consequently, the feedback we have received from the MOD has been good to excellent. Thank you for that! Thanks to your input, we feel we have provided a consistently excellent service to them”.

From Mrs Christine Heron, Westbury:

“Karine is a French tutor who we have employed to help our son to pass a GCSE resit. Karine is prompt each week and is up to date with GCSE exam knowledge. She works our son hard and he enjoys the lessons.”

Briony Richards, A Level student at Clarendon School Academy, Trowbridge:

“I am so happy with my results; I got 3 As and I somehow managed to get full marks in French!! Thank you for your help this year, I couldn’t have done it without you!!”

Mrs Julia Pugh-Cook, Wiltshire

 I have had a course of twenty hours of French lessons with Karine, and I would like to say what an excellent teacher she is.

I have been tremendously impressed with all aspects of this short course.

- Karine's accurate analysis of my standard at the start of the course meant that we maximised the use of time.  

- Each lesson built on the last in a cleverly structured way so that I gained a lot of information, but without feeling overloaded.

- Notes arrived directly after each lesson, which was really useful, and the quantities of homework were just the right amount to reinforce the learning, but  never too much to fit into a busy life.

- Above all, Karine is a delightful, interesting teacher, who makes the lessons highly enjoyable.  

I have been really impressed with the amount I have learnt and how much my confidence has increased.

I would recommend Karine Chevalier-Watts to anyone keen to improve their French.

 David Croom,  Nelson Croom Ltd

"Last summer I discovered my French had been ravaged by doing Italian A level. I have always been rather proud of my French which I learned on VSO over 50 years ago. I asked Karine to help me repair my written and spoken language. She was brilliant.

After 4 months of regular sessions I was ready for 6 weeks at a French language school in Rouen where I passed the French state exam at C1 level (the second top exam). This would not have been possible without Karine's determined and gracious teaching.

If you want to learn to speak French properly go to Karine."

Briony Richards – A Level student:

 “I just did my speaking exam and I wanted to say thank you for all of the help you've given me this year! I felt so much more confident thanks to our lessons together and it really helped with the exam.”

 Mr Ivan H Cotton, Swindon:

“Madame Karine Chevalier-Watts has been both my and my wife’s French Teacher for three years. She has patiently taught us grammar and conversation using a mixture of dedication and humour. The starting point in my case was an almost total ignorance of the language to my present situation of being able to comprehend the written word and have some limited conversation. Just a matter of use one hopes!

We are both in our eighties and Karine has become more than a teacher to us. A friend, a surrogate daughter, we have a very pleasant and constructive relationship.”

Nicky Bartholomew, Seend:
“A very professional tutor who provides clear explanations within a structured yet interesting format.”

Ms V Lopez – Head of Modern Foreign Languages, John of Gaunt School Academy:
“Thank you for all your hard work, for always being cheerful and for your willingness to be flexible and go the extra mile for the students”.

AQA Examination Board
“Well conducted tests. A pleasure to listen to!”.

Stephen Webber - Senior Expert in E.U external relations, education and development policy.
“I would highly recommend Karine as a tutor. I have had several weeks of lessons with her already, with the aim of reactivating my (degree-level but rusty) French ahead of forthcoming projects in French-speaking countries, and have been very much impressed by Karine's commitment, enthusiasm and skill as a tutor. She has made great efforts to get into the details of my specialist sphere, find relevant source materials (videos, articles, etc), and then plan lessons in which we are able to address my key needs effectively, and with humour. Karine is adept at inspiring confidence, essential when a learner is reactivating long disused language skills - and I can already see the positive results. Karine is clearly a talented and devoted language teacher - and I am very keen to continue to benefit from her assistance.”

Stephen Gooding - Hampshire
 "Karine was excellent. She made me feel very comfortable quickly and I wasn't worried about making mistakes or being embarrassed. Excellent teaching style and fun as well."

Tim Barnes - Senior Engineer & Project Manager
 "Karine is a marvellous teacher; very patient. The lessons were excellent with a comprehensive content. It was just what I needed. The increase in my understanding is quite amazing." 
“Karine taught me French on a one week intensive course and then an additional 6 (or so) individual days on a one to one basis, earlier this year (2014) I had only been learning French on my own for about a month before the first course so knew nothing really. It was incredible the amount she managed to squeeze into my head in such a short period of time, I would say we did the entirety of French grammar in a week and the rest of the time was trying to improve what I had learnt. 4 months after starting to learn French I moved to France to start work and I've got to say I would have been completely lost if it wasn’t for Karine teaching me so much. She is extremely patient, knowledgeable and very easy to work with I can thoroughly recommend her skills as a Language teacher. She has a structured approach to teaching that she adapts to what is needed at the time, she was very happy to cover any subject that I wanted and I feel she has given me the necessary skills for my life in France. I started with no French at all I had completely forgotten everything from school and was classed as B1 after 5 months which I can attribute to Karine’s teaching.

Jonathan Moffatt, Group Leader - Material Flow at GKN Walterscheid Inc
"Karine provided high quality tailored language coaching to meet specific learning needs. Her previous experience in industry was invaluable in helping me to improve my level of business French."

Rosie Morgan, Musical Student - Wiltshire
“The lessons with Karine so far have been an absolute pleasure. I'm learning very useful information which is essential to other aspects of my education, and the exercises provided put this into practise. 
The sessions are clearly structured and overall have been very worthwhile so far.”.

Candida McNeal - Wiltshire
“I was going to send you an email to say Iona got an M1 in her Pre-U French which is one of the A grades. I am sure your help was vital- she is very pleased with the result as we all are.  Thank you again for your support.”

Thomas Webber, Kingfisher Plc, Global Purchasing Manager:
"Working with Karine enabled me to achieve all of my goals during a 1 week ‘power track’ course in French. She is a true professional, whilst at the same time being easy to work with. She is an excellent teacher and I would certainly recommend her when it comes to language training or indeed any work involving translation or similar language services." 

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Karen Messenger - Wiltshire
"I am very pleased with the service you provided in finding us a Spanish teacher, you were very friendly, accommodating and efficient, so thanks."

Samantha Head, Warminster - Wiltshire
"Karine has provided an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable of the exam boards and provides constructive help and advice. She is very organised and has lesson plans individually structured for my child. I would highly recommend her." ”.

Steve Self - Wiltshire
“My son is currently being tutored in French as he wishes to take an extra GCSE exam in this subject. He has basically been tutored from scratch and I have been immensely impressed with the professionalism and dedication that has been displayed, particularly in the early stages where their advice was greatly appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karine's company to others.”

Patrizia Solari-Balestrazzi - Wiltshire
"Thank You" for the invaluable help you gave us in sorting out Czech language and conversation lessons. 
I was very impressed by your professional yet amicable approach to my query and by the swift response I received. 
Katie, our teacher, is a true gem, she understood exactly what our needs were and came well prepared for each lesson. 
The result was that our Alma passed the Czech language test and we could not be happier! 
So, all the best for the time being and thank you and to your team once more.”

About Karine & Frédérique (French teachers)

Phoebe Tatham - A Level student – Wiltshire
“Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my French oral examination. I am extremely grateful for all your support and advice which has helped to improve my spoken French. You were very patient and understanding, and I would definitely recommend you to anyone in need of tutoring or assistance.”

About Catherine (French teacher)

Sarah Humberstone, Warminster:

“My daughter needed to practice her French A level conversation over the Easter holidays as the oral was at the start of the Summer term. I found Karine on the internet and she swiftly arranged lessons with Catherine over a succession of days. My daughter found the lessons both productive and enjoyable. She has gone back to school full of confidence now she has been speaking French regularly and to someone she did not know. I received a detailed report and as I had booked a number of lessons there was a discount. The price was very reasonable and the value incomparable.”

About Claire (Spanish and Italian teacher)

Carina Greenwood - Gloucestershire
“Our son said how great Claire was and we would recommend her to anyone. Please thank her very much for all her help”.

Meg & James Combs - Wiltshire
 "Within a few months Claire helped our son go from a grade D in his Spanish mock GCSE to a B in his final exams. Claire is an encouraging, effective and very committed teacher. Highly recommended."

Mrs Pamela Loosmore – Wiltshire
 "Claire is a very good teacher; professional and well-prepared.  I would certainly recommend your services to others."

Paul & Joanna Munro – Wiltshire
 "We are very pleased with the lessons and enjoy them a lot.”

Karon Cunningham - Wiltshire
 "I have always had a problem with learning foreign languages right from school age and that I've tried group learning at evening classes at college with little success.One to one teaching has proven to be the best method for me.  Claire is very patient with me. Even though I'm still very weak at the conversation, I'm understanding more individual words and am much more confident when approaching people in Spain. I will be heading back out to Spain for the whole of July and plan to be more forward with my communication.
I don't think I will ever be a good conversationalist but the lessons are a great help."

Isla Greenwood - 6th form student - Wiltshire
 "Thank you so much for all your help this year; I couldn't believe it but I got an A! It was the best feeling and without your guidance I don't think it could've happened so thank you, thank you, thank you!"

About Kikki (Italian teacher)

Mr David Croom - Somerset
"I had my first session with Kikki today; it was excellent, just what I had hoped for.  Thank you very much for making the connection."

Mrs Gillian Capel - Somerset
 "I like her enormously and you were quite correct when you said that she would be the right teacher for me.  She is charming and patient and encouraging. With my thanks again for putting me in touch with Kikki".

Mrs Vickie Goodman - Somerset
“Thank you so much for not only recommending an excellent Tutor in Italian, but also one who lives fairly locally for me. I would definitely recommend you to others!”

Mrs Patrizia Solari-Balestrazzi - Wiltshire
"Thank You" for the invaluable help you gave us in sorting out Czech language and conversation lessons. 
I was very impressed by your professional yet amicable approach to my query and by the swift response I received. 
Katie, our teacher, is a true gem, she understood exactly what our needs were and came well prepared for each lesson. 
The result was that our Alma passed the Czech language test and we could not be happier! 
So, all the best for the time being and thank you and to your team once more.”

About Kikki and Claire (Italian Teachers)

Mr Peter Beech Allen, Director, Wessex Forum Ltd
 "Thank you for doing such a great job in tutoring our participants. They have made impressive progress and, from my conversations with them this week, they enjoyed the lessons in the process. They will go out well equipped to start their Italian experience, and build on what they have learnt as they integrate with the locals.  I look forward to working with you again."

Miss Leanne Powell - Wiltshire
"We all very much enjoyed our lessons with Kikki and Claire. They are excellent teachers. Different methods of teaching but being so different they complimented each other well."

About Aletta (Dutch teacher)

Mr & Mrs Rendell - Somerset
 "We are really enjoying our Dutch lessons and feel we are making progress. Aletta is very patient and we are very grateful for her help. Our son and his fiancée are very impressed with our efforts!"

About Lorena Pino Montilla (Spanish teacher)

Susan Scott, Trowbridge:

“Lorena has been an absolute star and really targeted Lexi's needs. We would not hesitate in recommending to other students at St Augustines.”

Mrs Susan Scott, Trowbridge:

“Lexi is very grateful for all the support. Lexi comes away with a life-long passion for the Spanish language and has considered some University course already that offer an option of a Spanish module. You have been fantastic and so very supportive. Thank you once again.”

About Janet Lee (Dutch teacher)

Josh Heathcote, Melksham:

“Things are going well and I'm still very pleased.”

Matthew Watson-Gunn, Devizes:

“I am very much enjoying my Dutch lessons, thank you! 

Unfortunately when it comes to languages I am far from a natural, but Janet is an excellent teacher and so very patient when I keep forgetting the simplest things!”