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Claudia was born in Bogota, Colombia and as a child developed a passion for languages. At Secondary school she studied Business and at the age of 16 started her University Degree in Modern Languages: Spanish and English at Universidad Distiral, Bogota.
Whilst at University, she started teaching Business Studies part-time, working with young children in deprived areas of Bogota. Towards the end of her course she was teaching Spanish and English at a Secondary School.
She graduated at the age of 21 and one year later, started an MA in Teaching Foreign Languages at Universidad Pedagogica in Bogota.
From 1995 to 1999 she taught English and Spanish at an Army School and in 2002 moved to a bilingual school where she taught Communicative English, British and North American Literature, Maths, Science and Geography to 11 year-olds.
In July 2002 she came to England where she enrolled on an ESOL Certificate Course, with the intention of returning to Colombia after completion. However, she was then offered a job teaching English to beginners at a Language School in London.
In 2004, she began an MA course in Bilingual Translation at the University of Westminster, London, graduating in 2006.
From 2005 to 2009 she taught Spanish to A Level students, International Baccalaureate and Business Spanish for beginners at Luton Sixth Form College. During her time at Luton she completed a Diploma in Teaching Spanish to Foreigners in Madrid, Spain. In addition to teaching in Luton, she also worked for various Language schools in London on a part-time basis.
Through contacts, she met author Mark Thomas in 2008 and worked on the translation of the interviews which were part of his book “Belching Out The Devil”. This also involved real-time interpreting via telephone to a contributor in Mexico.
In July 2009 she moved to the village of Seend in Wiltshire and soon organised a 10-week Spanish course for beginners in the village hall. Through the success of this course, she gained many long-term students.